How to use arduino UNO Flash BLHELI to a turnigy plush 18a esc

July 10, 2017 分类:随便写写

I wish I had pc programming skills, then I could reprogram my brushless ESCs to the brushed ESCs.
After I flashed a mod hex of an older plush 30a ESC(with the different MCU. to my plush 18a but failed.

In order to save my poor ESC, I used BLHELISuite to do this:
Open BlheliSuite, "Make interfaces", make "Arduino 4way-interface", for "SiLabs C2" interface.

Then select "Interfaces" to " SiLabs C2(4way-IF)

Use 3 wires to connect between UNO and ESC, owsilprog-arduino-uno-scheme-02-wp.jpg
Turnigy Plush 25A_30A front.jpg

Then the ESC can be rewritten.
There is a little trick with wire connect, just connect the black wire to GND pin on ESC cable.