My new discovery about 2306 and 2207 motors

Time:February 4, 2023 Categories:FPV

I just found out that, T-motor doesn't make new F40PRO anymore, what is going on?

F40PRO series use to be my favorite(30.5g with wire), but since they didn't make it I started to use iFlight 2306s or other alternatives like RCinPower SmoothX 1880kv but, these SmoothX motors just chunky(33g with 3cm wires). And I simply can't handle those high KV motors well, so I always restrict the output power to match the KV about 1700.

Just a few days ago, the new F60PRO V and F60PRO V-LV came out, and, no F40PROs anymore!

I was confused and curious why did they even do that.

One thing I figured out is that, Velox 2306 1950KV motors that T-motor last produced has almost the same thrust curve as F60PRO 1750KV motors!

So, I guess that's the main difference in between. 2306 1700KV-1750KV motors have even lower output power than 2207 1750kv motors. And in theory you can never use a 2207 1750KV motor compare with a 2306 1750KV motor because 2207s are always bigger and have more power. The appropriate competitor of 2207 1750KV is 2306 1950KV.

Since 2306 1950KV motors are too close to 2207 1750KV motors, I guess that's the reason they stopped updating the new F40PROs. Just a thought.

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