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About DJI goggles 2

June 9, 2024 分类:FPV,微心情

There are a lot of reviews and opinions regard this product. But I think it is not enough.
I found something really annoying about this thing when I once had one. And no one talked about it.

Back in the day, SAMSUNG is a relatively popular brand in China(I barely see them now). And they produced the product AMOLED panel since then. This thing was used on their phones for a long period, and many people had told me how good it was, but as you may know, the real decent generation of their AMOLED screen was just came out several years ago, when Apple decided to use it. I then found they finally can be acceptable by myself -- their pentile OLED is finally being small enough and not that easier to be noticed. So I bought my very first Samsung phone - S23.

So what I'm saying is that DJI goggles 2(including integra), has exactly the PenTile pixel screen panel in it. It looks just sucks to me. These pixels just keep stabbing my eyes.

Sorry DJI. I mean it. But it is what it is. I don't want to talk about the dead pixels. It all about PenTile pixels. Yes, I can also notice some flick of black out of the screens, but I think all the 1080p oled screens have that issue.

You can read more about PenTile OLED here :

I can't use it anymore. Maybe the next generation.


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