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October 7, 2017 分类:黑苹果

我有个500G自组的移动硬盘,USB3接口。其中一个分区是老笔记本用的黑苹果,笔记本是酷睿2平台,当我用得着时会把硬盘抠出来插到笔记本上。我还有个台式机,IVY BRIGE平台,也装有黑苹果,有一次我忘了把这个移动硬盘从台式机上拔掉,玩台式机黑苹果的时候发现不对劲,东西都没了,后来发现居然是引导的移动硬盘上的系统。[摊手]

Dell d630 with Sierra hackintosh microphone tuning

June 1, 2017 分类:黑苹果

Thanks to this entire manual I could installed Sierra to my old laptop:

There was a little bit issue when I try to use the microphone. The playback was too loud and noisy. After tuning two values it got a clear sound:
Right click on /Library/Extensions/VooDooHDA.kext "Show package contents", "contents", copy Info.plist to desktop, modify "Boost" integer from "1" to "0", "Rec" integer from "70" to "30", close it and drop back, close all opened window, then open the well-known "Kext Utility" after done, reboot.

Install a MTK7601 chip based usb Wi-Fi stick on Sierra

May 30, 2017 分类:黑苹果

In my case, the USB wireless adapter is a cheap EDUP EP-MS8552S. And I was confused about why the official installation for osx could not put the kext files to the right place. So here is my method:

1.Download EP-N8551 Driver from Official (MacOS10.11 the latest, You'll get MT7612_7610U_D5.0.1.25_SDK1.0.2.18_UI5.0.0.27_20151209.dmg)
2.Download Pacifist for extract RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext from mounted dmg file USB wireless-Install.pkg.

  1. Download kext utility and install the kext from step 2.
  2. Install USB wireless-Install.pkg then reboot the OS.
  3. Enjoy.

OS X优盘制作命令

May 10, 2017 分类:黑苹果

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/Sierra --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --nointeraction